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JICA Training

This presentation introduces the APN and APAN projects on training needs assessment and developing training modules, principles and processes involved, tools employed and outputs. Relevant for anybody wanting to embark upon capacity building. Advised to refer to this report in conjunction with this presentation:

Training needs assessment report...

Conference Paper

Standardized baseline: Technology switch in the rice mill sector of Cambodia



Approved by the 76th CDM Executive Board Meeting


Japanese initiative for climate change mitigation

PR, Newsletter or Other
The Climate Edge Vol.18

The Climate Edge Vol.18

Climate Edge



Keio University Seminar Course

This lecture along with a class exercise was designed to introduce the Seminar students to the intricacies involved in adaptation decision making at global and local scales and to come up with an architecture of solutions for a given scenario in the future. The session starts with a lecture followed by group discussion by students to derive an...

Discussion Paper

Standardized baseline of energy use in rice mill sector of Cambodia (resubmission)


Political approaches for climate change mitigation action


Study meeting on domestic market mechanism policy
30 October 2013 Hanoi, Vietnam

Book Chapter
In Climate Change and Water Resources

Keeping in view the various pressures operating on water resources, this chapter elicits various tools for prioritizing adaptation actions within water sector, evaluates different adaptation options including structural and non-structural adaptation and identify barriers that could undermine the rapid expansion of these adaptation options. Managing...