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Forum on Urbban Resilience to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Strategies

Reduction Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) in addition to conventional GHG is an emerging mitigation approach in waste sector. City of Battambang (Cambodia), with the support of IGES, has implemented Participatory Waste Management Initiative which comprised of a series of activities intended for improving city's waste management system...

Fact Sheet

Co-benefits are the multiple benefits of actions that mitigate cli-mate change while addressing other development priorities. Many cities in Asia have potential to achieve co-benefits. Howev-er, urban policymakers often lack concrete demonstrations over which actions can maximize co-benefits. Since 2015, the Institute for Global Environmental...

KEI Project Development Workshop

Korea Environment Institute (KEI) convened experts to discuss on potential project development which can contribute to the enhancement of environmental and social safeguards in wide range of development cooperation programs including climate action and gender equality. IGES was invited to share research experience related to the issues i.e...