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2013年度 IGES地球環境セミナー ~COP19結果速報と今後の展望~ 配布冊子収録

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Climate Edge



Working Paper

Research on short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) has been based more on air pollution and energy models than how existing policies affect the model’s recommended actions. This article analyses how Thailand’s policies influenced attempts to control a critical source of SLCPs: open burning. In 2012, Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) led...

Issue Brief

[Main messages]
- Women are disproportionately susceptible to the risks of climate change but lack equal
access to the benefits of climate finance.
- This imbalance represents a missed opportunity: women are more inclined to invest in
health, nutrition, education and other drivers of development.
- Rectifying this imbalance could prove challenging...

Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Sustainable Society

This paper examines a new initiative to build a region-based air quality management system in the People's Republic of China, and identify its key features, significance and potential challenges. This Guideline on Strengthening Joint Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution to Improve Air Quality is a major new policy initiative developed by...