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Water availability for sustainable energy policy: Quantitative assessment of South and South East Asian cases

Workshop on Sustainable Transition, Hayama, Japan

Resources sustainability in Myanmar: Lessons from integrated assessment of water-energy nexus in neighbouring countries

The Third Green Economy Green Growth Forum

Groundwater, water supply and sanitation inter-linkages in selected urban areas in Asia

12th Japan Association of Drainage and Environment (JADE) Conference, November 9, 2013, Tokyo

Geogenic arsenic contamination in groundwater: A threats to water and food security in South and Southeast Asia

Workshop on sustainable transition
Conference Proceeding

Groundwater, Water Supply and Sanitation Inter-linkages in Selected Urban Area in Asia

Proocedings of 12th JADE Conference, November 9, 2013, Tokyo


Lecture to Junior High School Students of Hayama

Water-energy-food nexus: A transitional approach to green economy in Asian developing countries

Green Economy Training Program, Temple University