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Water availability for sustainable energy policy: Quantitative assessment of South and South East Asian cases

Workshop on Sustainable Transition, Hayama, Japan

Resources sustainability in Myanmar: Lessons from integrated assessment of water-energy nexus in neighbouring countries

The Third Green Economy Green Growth Forum

Groundwater, water supply and sanitation inter-linkages in selected urban areas in Asia

12th Japan Association of Drainage and Environment (JADE) Conference, November 9, 2013, Tokyo

Geogenic arsenic contamination in groundwater: A threats to water and food security in South and Southeast Asia

Workshop on sustainable transition
Conference Proceeding

Groundwater, Water Supply and Sanitation Inter-linkages in Selected Urban Area in Asia

Proocedings of 12th JADE Conference, November 9, 2013, Tokyo


Lecture to Junior High School Students of Hayama
Working Paper
Research on short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) has been based more on air pollution and energy models than how existing policies affect the model’s recommended actions. This article analyses how Thailand’s policies influenced attempts to control a critical source of SLCPs: open burning. In 2012, Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) led...