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This voluntary standard is based on participatory research with forest sector parties to develop methods for evaluating the governance quality of forest sector programmes and projects, including emissions reduction activities, in Nepal. The research was conducted July 2011 – January 2016 by Dr Federico Lopez-Casero of the Institute for Global...
Working Paper
This report aims to contribute to a better understanding of REDD+ projects, with a view to informing national REDD+ readiness processes as well as REDD+ actions. To assist in understanding REDD+ projects and generating lessons from them, a descriptive template that presents their key elements was developed. This template has been used to create...
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IGES Remote Sensing Toolbox
This is an ArcGIS 10.x toolbox that includes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools for vegetation analysis (creating Vegetation Indices and Fractional Vegetation Cover maps) and image pansharpening. It can be used for processing and analysis of Landsat 8 or other satellite imagery. The toolbox is designed for GIS and Remote Sensing...
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The REDD+ Online Database provides REDD+ Project Profiles, a REDD+ Project matrix, National REDD+ Reports and International REDD+ Event Briefs. The Project Profiles are created using publicly available documents, and key elements are presented in the REDD+ Project Matrix for easy look up and comparison. The database will be periodically extended...