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Conference Paper
2014 ISSAAS International Congress on Agricultural Changes in Southeast Asia: Past, Present and Future
Thai farmers plant eucalyptus trees on their unused farmlands with poor fertility soils to raise their incomes and in response to inducements from the Government. The conversion of unused farmlands to eucalyptus can contribute to climate change mitigation as the growing trees sequester carbon. To estimate the contribution of eucalyptus plantations...
Briefing Note
2014年6月4日~15日まで、ドイツ・ボンにて、気候変動枠組条約気候変動会議 (UNFCCC Climate Conference)が開催された。REDD+については、第40回技術的助言に関する補助機関会合(SBSTA 40)の「議題5: REDD+の方法論的ガイダンス」において、「非市場アプローチ」と「非炭素便益」の2つのトピックに関する議論が行われた。両トピックとも、会合前に各国が意見を提出する機会があり、非市場アプローチについては会議期間中に半日の専門家会合が開催された1。このように、事前にそれぞれの意見を共有する機会を経て交渉が行われたものの、両トピックとも実質的な合意がなされたわけではなく、今後も議論を継続すると決定したのにとどまった。
Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
In this study we tested the impacts of three fast pansharpening methods – Intensity-Hue-Saturation (IHS), Brovey Transform (BT), and Additive Wavelet Transform (AWT) – on the classification of sugarcane in a Landsat 8 image (bands 1-7), and proposed an ensemble pansharpening approach that combines the pixel-level information from the IHS and BT...
Peer-reviewed Article
In ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
This study evaluated the effects of image pansharpening on Vegetation Indices (VIs) in an agricultural area of Thailand, and found that pansharpening was able to downscale single-date and multi-temporal VI data without introducing significant distortions. The downscaled (15m resolution) VI values can be used for estimating above-ground biomass...