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Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

As resource consumption rates soar, especially in rapidly industrialising Asia, improving resource efficiency will be an important agenda. This study analyses socio-economic conditions and policy statements on natural resources in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Thailand, and Vietnam, to explore their motivation for resource efficiency...

Commissioned Report

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development activities for the Environmental Policy Dialogue between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States

Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

In developing Asia, policies and legislations to promote reduce, reuse and recycling (3Rs) of waste have gained much traction over the last 10 years. Henceforth, the focus of governmental efforts on the 3Rs will be on improving the policy implementation and managing the policy progress. To meet these ends, it is essential to set clear policy...



持続可能な開発のための2030アジェンダに関するワーキング・グループ (平成27年度 第2回ポスト2015年開発目標(P15A)に関するワーキング・グループ)

Micro-component survey of residential water end-use. Lessons learned from Hanoi and Tokyo

Symposium on “Reducing GHG through Water Smart Lifestyle in Da Nang, Vietnam”
Peer-reviewed Article
In Remote Sensing

This paper demonstrates the importance of considering scale issues when estimating the accuracy of land use/land cover maps, particularly when satellite images having different spatial resolutions (i.e. pixel sizes) are used in combination to generate the land use/land cover maps. The results are important for creators and users of these types of...

Policy Brief