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Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Network (APAN)

The Asia and the Pacific is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In 2020, the region faced a record number of climate-related disasters coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting tens of millions of vulnerable people. The need to address climate change threats and build resilience has never been more urgent than now.


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Stockholm World Water Week 2018 Session on "Groundwater-based natural infrastructure solutions: The missing link to resilience?"

Kumamoto is a rare case of fully functional PES for over 13 years;

Willingness between buyers and sellers is one of the basic conditions for establishing PES. However, willingness are always not sufficient condition for groundwater recharge, which are difficult to quantify and verify;

Role of intermediary institutions such as local agriculture...

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The author explained about the roles of hydropower in ensuring the energy security in the Mekong region. Based on a critical review of the current trend of hydropower development, it argued that existing approach of uncoordinated Mekong mainstream hydropower development cannot ensure sustainable development; rather it causes negative impacts on...

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Opportunity cost analysis of land use changes in Karen indigenous community in Thailand
°Jintana Kawasaki1, Yasuo Takahashi1, Henry Scheyvens1 and Prasert Trakansphakon2

Karen indigenous people most living in and around the state forests in northern Thailand have long been practicing the traditional rotation farming (RF) for their subsistence food...

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International Conference on Building Resilience and Developing Sustainability 2015

As a first step in strengthening resilience of communities, it is critical to understand status of community resilience and have common understanding of status of community resilience among community members. The “toolkit for indicators of resilience in socio-ecological production landscape and seascape (SEPLS) ” is one of the tools to assess...

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Develop a Regional Strategy for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation: Lesson learned from the field

Project Workshop entitled "Sustainable Forest Rehabilitation and Management for the Conservation of Trans-boundary Ecological Security in Montane Mainland Southeast Asia-Pilot Demonstration Project of Lao PDR, Myanmar and China/Yunnan"
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Third Annual of Green Growth Knowledge Platform Conference

In 2009, Indonesia has committed itself to reduce GHGs emission by 41% by 2020 with international assistances. Over all sectors, about 80% of total GHG emissions in Indonesia come from land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF). In line with this, Indonesia also started implementing "a green economy" in several major sectors such as forestry...

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2014 ISSAAS International Congress on Agricultural Changes in Southeast Asia: Past, Present and Future

Thai farmers plant eucalyptus trees on their unused farmlands with poor fertility soils to raise their incomes and in response to inducements from the Government. The conversion of unused farmlands to eucalyptus can contribute to climate change mitigation as the growing trees sequester carbon. To estimate the contribution of eucalyptus plantations...

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No-regret adaptation strategies to cope with potential impacts of climate change on groundwater resources of Asian cities

The Second International Symposium on Food and Water Sustainability in Asia 2008
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成果選集: 林業経済学会50周年記念事業(林業経済学会編)