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(1) State and the Community in Water management Case of the Damodar Valley Corporation, India by Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
(2) Rewarding Communities for Keeping Rivers Clearn? First Steps in a River Care Program in West Lambung-Indonesia by Rudy Harto Widodo, S. Suyanto et. al.
(3) Consumers Education, Representation and Participation in...

Discussion Paper

Illegal Logging in Asia: Overview and the Need for Countermeasures that are Infomred by a thorough Understanding of Community needs and Rights

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In consideration of the importance of a platform for sharing knowledge and information on water environment management in Asia, the Water Envrionment Partnership in Asia (WEPA) - a partnership of 11 Asian countries - developed a database. The formation of the WEPA initiative was first proposed by the Ministry of the Environment Japan at the 3rd...

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Groundwater has been overexploited in some Asian cities, causing significant problems such as land subsidence. The resource is also under the threat of aquifer contamination. The SWMP project formulated 14 recommendations, beased on teh SWMP study aiming to achieve sustainable groundwater management in the Asian cities. The recommendations...

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Small forest enterprises are a feature of forestry in many tropical countries and could play an important role in supplying certified timber to Japan and other importer countries, particularly to niche markets.


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This report consists of three main parts: 1) Recommendations for Sustainable Groundwater Management in Asian Cities, 2) Situation Analysis and 3) Summary of Case Studies. The first part highlights the recommendations for better groundwater management. The


Final Report: "Sustainable Groundwater Management in Asian Cities: A final report of...

Policy Brief

Many Asian cities have greatly relied on groundwater in the course of their development. Large populations and concentrations of industrial activity in urban areas intensified the stress on groundwater. Such stress has resulted in environmental problems, such as the drawdown of water tables, land subsidence and saltwater intrusion, which interfered...

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In shinrin kankyo 2006 sekai no shinrin wa ima


森林環境2006 世界の森林はいま