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Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Forest Research

This paper examines local residents attitudes towards conservation and Gunung Halimun National Park, in West Java, Indonesia. A questionnaire survey and informal interviews are conducted among 74 households, in three villages, in and around the park. The survey reveals that almost all people knew about the existence and the laws of the park. Many...

Peer-reviewed Article


In Kankyo to Kogai
Commissioned Report



Commissioned research report by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan
平成13年度 環境省請負業務結果報告書

Policy Report

The goal of the Forest Conservation Project is to develop strategies for desirable forest conservation and sustainable forest management. Although many approaches should be taken into consideration to achieve this goal, the project has set a precise objective for its second phase of research (April 2001 to March 2004): to propose concrete measures...

Discussion Paper

People and Forest of Three East Kalimantan Villages: Participatory Research Experiences and Results

Indonesian Country Report 2002


Unpublished manuscript