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Policy Report

The aim of this interim country report is to disseminate the results of the activities from the second fiscal year of the second phase, on the Russian Far East, and to provide the basis for discussions on developing guidelines and recommendations for participatory forest management.
Under the former USSR, local people were separated from forest...

Policy Report

The goal of the Forest Conservation Project is to develop strategies for desirable forest conservation and sustainable forest management. Although many approaches should be taken into consideration to achieve this goal, the project has set a precise objective for its second phase of research (April 2001 to March 2004): to propose concrete measures...

Research Report
Economic Research Institute, Far Eastern Division of Russian Academy of Sciences

This report is compiled on results of research implemented during the first year of the Project, “Developing a Forest Conservation Strategy for the Russian Far East,” which is being undertaken by on the basis of the agreement between the Economic Research Institute of the Far Eastern Division of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Forest...