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Policy Brief



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Working Paper

This paper discusses the policy and implementation context of the REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) demonstration activity in Ulu Masen in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. It is argued that the slow endorsement of the demonstration activity by the Indonesian government may be due to mistiming in relation to the...

Policy Brief

In tropical developing countries, illegal logging is a significant cause of forest degradation and can lead to permanent forest loss. This policy brief presents the findings from an IGES-The Nature Conservancy (TNC) study that investigated the potential for customs authorities to contribute to combating the international trade in illegal timber...

Policy Report

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) is monitoring the development of national REDD-plus systems in selected countries. This report provides a description and review of national REDD-plus readiness challenges, activities, and progress in Indonesia and Viet Nam, two countries that offer important contrasts for analytical inquiry...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Environmental Geochemistry and Health

Arsenic contamination in groundwater is
of increasing concern because of its high toxicity and
widespread occurrence. This study is an effort to trace
the factors responsible for arsenic enrichment in
groundwater of the middle Gangetic Plain of India
through major ion chemistry, arsenic speciation,
sediment grain-size analyses, and multivariate...

Book Chapter
In Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: Effective Responses in a Resource Constrained World

Water stress is a critical issue globally, in particular in developing Asia, where many people live without access to safe water. In addition to long-standing socio-economic factors such as population growth, climate change has intensified concerns over water stress. This chapter addresses the following points in the discussion on promoting...

Book Chapter
In Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: Effective Responses in a Resource Constrained World

Consumption of agricultural and forest products is one of many factors driving global deforestation, one of the major environmental problems of our time. Consumption patterns are associated with the loss of natural forests in the tropics. This chapter explores the relationships between consumption and demand, production, and policy options for SCP...

Book Chapter
In アジア太平洋における持続可能な消費と生産:資源制約を乗り越えてアジアは豊かさを実現できるか



• アジア各国で経済的手法(EI)を適用した事例から、EIだけでは持続可能な消費を推進できないことがわかる。

• EIの導入が貧困層の安全な水へのアクセスを必ずしも妨げるわけではないが、水道への接続費用の助成等、適切な資金援助が必要である。...

Book Chapter
In アジア太平洋における持続可能な消費と生産:資源制約を乗り越えてアジアは豊かさを実現できるか





Policy Report

This report builds on the initiatives of the Asia Forest Partnership and East Asia and Pacific FLEG to promote cooperation among Customs, Forestry and other authorities to reduce the trade of illegal wood products. The goal of this review is to assist Customs and timber trade regulating agencies in their efforts to improve control over the...