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Policy Report

The Russian Far East (RFE) has long been regarded by the central government in Moscow as a timber resource base. As a result, forest resources have been exploited for timber, especially the most accessible locations with valuable resources (Newell & Wilson, 1996; Kakizawa, 1998a).
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the exploitation of timber...

Conference Proceeding

This workshop was organized jointly by NUOL (Department of Forestry, National
University of Laos) and IGES. The main objectives were: 1) for the IGES forest conservation
project to share its research results on Lao P.D.R. and Vietnam respectively; 2) for the
participating experts and stakeholders to comment on and discuss the research results; and...

Conference Proceeding

1998 年5 月に開催された森林に関する政府間フォーラム(IFF)第2回会合において、コスタリカ政府とカナダ政府が森林に関する法的拘束力を持つ国際的な取決め(森林条約)への合意形成のためのイニシアティブを実施することを表明したのを受けて、(財)地球環境戦略研究機関/森林保全プロジェクトでは、熱帯林行動ネットワーク(JATAN)の協力のもとで、「IFF と森林条約に関するブレインストーミングフォーラム」を開催した。(1998年12 月~1999 年3 月の間に3 回開催)



Conference Proceeding

Part 1: Executive Summary
Session 1: A Review of Forest Management in Indonesia and the Philippines
Session 2: Policy Recommendations for Participatory Forest Management in Indonesia and the
Philippines and Timber Trade Policy
Session 3: Local Experiences in Indonesia
Session 4: Discussants' Comments
Session 5: Group Discussion



Research Report

The world’s forest cover continues to decrease. In recent years, the world’s forests have been affected by over-harvesting, overgrazing, pests and diseases, high global temperatures, floods, droughts, storms, air pollution and forest fires, as well as the economic crises in Asia and other regions. In particular, the forests in Asia have been...

Conference Proceeding

Forest conservation is a key issue which the international community now faces. The present situation needs to be improved in view of the strong correlation between deforestation, decreasing bio-diversity and global warming. Forest conservation is given great importance in Agenda 21 and documents that followed. IFF(Intergovernmental Forum on Forest...

Conference Proceeding

Forest conservation is one of the key issues which the International community faces. In response to this situation, IGES has set up the Forest Conservation Project as one of its 1st phase projects. Its research aims to prepare international strategies for conservation of forest in Asia and Pacific region.
This proceeding comprises the presentation...