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In 第三文明

The Practices of Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program and the Business Responses

International Symposium on Emissions Trading Scheme in Korea
Singapore-China Energy Forum
The success of a climate policy largely depends on how individual companies concern and react to the policy. However, there exists scant research identifying the conditions for smooth introduction of climate policies from the business viewpoints, particularly in the developing economies like China. To certain degree, this presentation may close the...
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In Journal of Cleaner Production
The progress in the adoption of market mechanisms for climate change is overall laggard in Japan and the related study on business policy perspective is limited. Aiming to close the research gap, this paper measures Japanese company’s awareness and approval of market-based instruments for energy saving, including financial subsidies, carbon taxes...
Conference Paper
Annual Conference of Japan Society of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (JSEEPS)
This paper presents a survey study to companies in China and Korea for understanding their opinions to financial subsidy policies for industrial energy saving. The survey in China was conducted during August 2012 to January 2013 and 201 respondents were confirmed to be valid. The survey to Korean companies was carried out during December 2012 to...

The Progress of Climate Policies and the Feasibility of Carbon Pricing in Northeast Asia

Fudan International Forum on Management

Outline of Energy/Climate Policies in China

Symposium on Energy Policy Choice in East Asia
Policy Brief
日中韓の3カ国の炭素価格制度の実施可能性を、エネルギー消費の多い企業を対象とした研究調査をもとに議論しています。炭素価格の引き上げが省エネ技術の導入を加速化させ、企業が一定水準の価格を受け入れることを明らかにし、各国への具体的な政策提言を示しています。Remarks:English version:
Research Report
This report summarises the key outputs of a three-year research project by IGES Kansai Research Centre on “Market-based Instruments (MBIs) for Improving Company Carbon Performance in Northeast Asia”. By carrying out a comprehensive overview of related policy progress in the region and conducting various questionnaire surveys and empirical analyses...
Non Peer-reviewed Article

The "Green Gift" concept. A policy proposal for a greener Japan.