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Anil Kumar
Akhilesh Surjan

Disaster Management is an emerging discipline of higher education, research and practice. Over years’, interrelation between environment, climate change and disasters have attained significant recognition. Environmental and anthropogenic factors are known key attributes of both hazard-risk and vulnerability and, therefore, are critically...

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このレポートは、2014年9月に国連事務総長主催の気候サミットで採択された森林に関するニューヨーク宣言(NYDF) について紹介し、2019年に公表された2つNYDFに関するレポートの概要の日本語訳を収録した。

1. 森林に関するニューヨーク宣言

2014年9月に国連事務総長主催の気候サミットで採択された森林に関するニューヨーク宣言(NYDF) は、2030年までに森林を保護・回復し、天然林の減少を終わらせるという10の野心的で世界的な目標を掲げてている。

2. 5年間の進捗評価レポート(概要日本語訳)


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オンラインメディアで、女性から始めるダイバーシティをキーワードに、働き方やダイバーシティ、ジェンダー平等などを扱う記事などを載せているMASHING UPからの依頼に基づき、IGESでは、SDGs & Meという連載を展開しています。


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The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Semarang City Government concluded an agreement to collaborate and support the implementation of City Resilience Strategy (CRS) on 24 May, 2016. IGES provides a total solution on actionable plans by conducting the following activities (Figure 1):
1) Developing low-carbon society scenarios...

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STS Forum 2018

Enhanced trade and investments have been one of the significant developments of regional integration in Asia during the recent decades. Countries that are successful in attracting global investments are also highly vulnerable to natural hazards and related losses. This has opened up doors to an important, inescapable and hidden phenomenon of...

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The Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) Exchange Series on Climate Change Adaptation is the email- based discussion operated by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) with the support from the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MoEJ). The Exchange seeks to capture, consolidate and share experience-based knowledge as well as...