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8th International Conference of NAPSIPAG 2011

It has been widely regarded that policies and institutions that are adaptive in nature are better able to deal with the dynamic issues such as environmental degradation and climate change adaptation. However, verifying the veracity of this hypothesis is difficult often due to absence of long experience in climate change adaptation in most countries...

Keio University Symposium 2011: From Post-Disaster Reconstruction To the Creation of Resilient Societies

The session was devoted to discussion of both top-down and bottoms up approaches to managing the devastation earthquakes and other natural disasters inevitably bring, with special attention placed on developing resiliency. Lessons were shared from recent disasters from around the world, including the United States, China, Indonesia, and Japan...



8th International Conference of NAPSIPAG 2011

The ongoing negotiations for the future climate regime have clearly indicated the need for both the developed and developing countries to work together in enhancing the adaptation to climate change. While much of the climate change adaptation debate has long been focused on the developing countries, little emphasis has been made on the need for...

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In Greenhouse Gas Market Report 2011

Over the past decade, Japan has an emerging carbon market,
which was non-existent before the Kyoto protocol. While
there have been discussions regarding cap-and-trade at the
national level, compulsory policies remain extremely controversial
with particularly strong opposition from the industrial
sector. Currently, Japan has decided neither to...