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Discussion Paper

This paper is part of a project called “Linkages among Emissions Trading Schemes and with offset projects” which is carried out under the international research network Climate Strategies, with headquarter in Cambridge, UK. Within this project, several reputed international research institutes including IGES collaborate to explore possible linkage...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change

The field of climate change is full of uncertainties that are limiting strategic disaster risk reduction planning. In this paper, however, we argued that there is lot to do before we get our hands on reliable estimates of future climate change impacts. It includes bringing together different stakeholders in a framework suggested in this paper...

Policy Report

Este documento busca proporcionar una descripción fácil y comprensiva del Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio (MDL). Debe anotarse que este documento no replica de manera exacta todos los textos acordados bajo las negociaciones intewrnacionales. También, hay aspectos que aún están siendo resueltos en dichas negociaciones en relación con el detalle de...