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Peer-reviewed Article
In Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

In 20 09, Japan pledged to reduce its GHG emissions by 25% from 1990 levels by 2020 (“ Copenhagen Pledge” ). The achievement of the target depended largely on a large expansion of nuclear power. However, this ambitious plan became unfeasible af er the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011.
This paper conducted a comprehensive review of Japan’ s...

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Roger N.
Stewart J.
Robert J.
M. Monirul Qader
Hans von

Decision support for impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability is expanding from science-driven linear methods to a wide range of methods drawing from many disciplines (robust evidence, high agreement). This chapter introduces new material from disciplines including behavioral science, ethics, and cultural and organizational theory, thus providing a...

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In Journal of Cleaner Production

The progress in the adoption of market mechanisms for climate change is overall laggard in Japan and the related study on business policy perspective is limited. Aiming to close the research gap, this paper measures Japanese company’s awareness and approval of market-based instruments for energy saving, including financial subsidies, carbon taxes...

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In Asian Social Science

The issue of geographic equity has been one of the greatest concerns throughout the history of the CDM. To
encourage wider implementation of the CDM or a reformed CDM and new market-based mechanisms in the
future, it is necessary to identify the barriers that hinder implementation of CDM projects in underrepresented
countries. This paper...

Peer-reviewed Article
In APN Science Bulletin

Risk insurance can provide an effective means of catastrophic risk reduction and climate change adaptation in developing countries. Case studies from within and outside the Asia-Pacific region provide valuable lessons, which could be used for promoting risk insurance for future climate regimes. Issues such as high basis risk, lack of qualified...

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In Carbon and Climate Law Review

Based upon the lessons from the current initiatives under the climate regime as well as relevant literature, this paper discuss specific steps and time frames that aim to add ex-ante clarity to nationally determined contributions to climate change mitigation and enhance their levels of ambition. The process proposed has three distinctive features...