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昨日12月19日(火)、中国国家発展改革委員会が「全国炭素排出取引 メカニズムの始動に関する記者会見」を開き、全国 ETS の開始 を宣言したことを受け、速報メモを公開しました。詳細は以下をご覧ください。

PR, Newsletter or Other

「中国国家発展改革委員会は、2017年12月18日付で、国務院の認可を経た「全国炭素排出取引市場建設方案(発電部門)」(以下、方案)を通達し(発改気候規[2017]2191 号)公開しました。


Peer-reviewed Article
In Environmental and Resource Economics Review

In response to climate change, Korea is attempting to shift the paradigm of energy and climate change policies by introducing carbon pricing based on market mechanisms. While policy adoption is proceeding at a rapid pace, the introduction of carbon pricing has been faced with great opposition from industry. This study measures to what extent Korean...

Tenth Annual Meeting of the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium (IAMC)

A tool was developed to serve a two-fold purpose: gathering of scenario data from integrated assessment models (IAMs) into a consistent dataset, and straightforward visualization of key data from multiple models. The approach adopted in the development of the tool can be potentially applied to any IAM MIP that follows the IAMC data submission...

Fact Sheet

Co-benefits are the multiple benefits of actions that mitigate cli-mate change while addressing other development priorities. Many cities in Asia have potential to achieve co-benefits. Howev-er, urban policymakers often lack concrete demonstrations over which actions can maximize co-benefits. Since 2015, the Institute for Global Environmental...

Working Paper

Climate actions by non-Party stakeholders, including companies, have a significant potential to fill the gap in the global emissions reductions trajectory. While accountability of countries as Parties to the Paris Agreement will be ensured under a new ‘transparency framework’ stipulated in Article 13 of the Paris Agreement, accountability of non...

Forum on Urbban Resilience to Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Strategies

Reduction Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) in addition to conventional GHG is an emerging mitigation approach in waste sector. City of Battambang (Cambodia), with the support of IGES, has implemented Participatory Waste Management Initiative which comprised of a series of activities intended for improving city's waste management system...

Data or Tool

This pamphlet offers a description of IGES’s set of Climate Databases. Having been developed in some cases over more than 10 years, the Databases compile unique data about climate change policies and sustainable development projects, and offer in-depth insights through analytics, summary and figures.

All Databases are freely accessible online...