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Peer-reviewed Article
In Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science

In the early 2000s, Japan instituted the Great Heisei Consolidation, a national strategy to promote large-scale municipal mergers. This study analyzes the impact that this strategy could have on watershed management. We select the Lake Kasumigaura Basin, the second largest lake in Japan, for the case study and construct a dynamic expanded input...

Briefing Note
Karen G.

Payments for ecosystem services (PES) is a market-based mechanism aimed at sustaining the flow of such services. Through a PES scheme, beneficiaries or users of the ecosystem service(s) compensate the provider or manager of those services, directly or indirectly. The provider and beneficiaries agree on the terms and conditions of the PES and...

Conference Paper
Stockholm World Water Week 2018 Session on "Groundwater-based natural infrastructure solutions: The missing link to resilience?"

Kumamoto is a rare case of fully functional PES for over 13 years;

Willingness between buyers and sellers is one of the basic conditions for establishing PES. However, willingness are always not sufficient condition for groundwater recharge, which are difficult to quantify and verify;

Role of intermediary institutions such as local agriculture...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Desalination

This study is an effort to trace the implication of tidal fluctuation on coastal groundwater quality for different
aquifers in case of Saijo plain, western Japan, through major ion, heavy metal and isotopic chemistry as well
as to estimate aquifer parameters by tidal response method. Time series analysis for chemical characteristics
depicts that...