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Commentary (Op. Ed)
IISD, SDG Knowledge Hub
Story highlights:
  • The Voluntary Local Review (VLR) process is providing a useful tool for subnational levels of government to take on the SDGs.
  • The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies has published two reports to support the growing number of local and regional governments conducting VLRs.
Commentary (Op. Ed)

Story Highlights;

  • The HLPF has struggled to encourage countries to “integrate the three dimensions” of sustainable development, even though interlinkages among the 17 SDGs and their targets have been identified.

  • A clear illustration of different tools, approaches, and conceptual frameworks for better understanding interlinkages...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

- The APFSD has grown into a useful multi-stakeholder platform for sharing experiences and networking around sustainable development.
- It is important to examine whether stakeholder engagement provides meaningful space for the stakeholders and whether it is built on the “minimum requirement” of protecting and respecting human rights.
- Subregional...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

- The deliberations of the Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific provide a guide for what to look for from the Asia Pacific delegates during UNEA4.
- During the Forum: Asia Pacific showed a strong interest in waste management and resource efficiency; the Forum’s discussions on innovation touched on technical, policy, and...

Commentary (Op. Ed)


Commentary (Op. Ed)

Following last year’s agreement over the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), much of the international community’s attention has focused on what data would be needed to assess progress on the new development agenda. Answering this question has proven challenging. Part of the challenge stems from the sizable difficulties of gathering quality data...