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These slides were used for a video commentary on the main takeaways of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA75), which was held virtually for the first time in the history of the UN in 2020. There are two versions of the video commentary available (short and extended) and they provide insight into the five crises of focus...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Sustainability Science

This paper presents a systematic review of biodiversity/ecosystem services scenario exercises from the Asia–Pacific region. From the limited scholarly literature available, 61 scenario exercises were examined to explore their typology and multiple scenario attributes, including geographic distribution, consideration for influential drivers, choices...

Role of information platform for integrated lake basin management (ILBM) in Asia: Lessons and pathways for SDGs

ILBM is an approach for achieving sustainable management of lakes and reservoirs through gradual, continuous and holistic improvement of basin governance, including sustained efforts for integration of institutional responsibilities, policy directions, stakeholder participation, scientific and traditional knowledge, technological possibilities, and...

Commissioned Report

H29 Keizaishakai niokeru Seibututayouseino syuryuukano sokusinn nikannsuru tyousa/kenntou itakugyoumu

Dainihon consultant
Politekku eididi
Inter risk Soken

summarize update of the research on natural capital valuation and economic valuation of biodiversity conservation. it also includes guideline for business how to address biodiversity impact on business.

Working Paper

SEPLS generally require high levels of management by humans in order to maintain a sustainable production system that provides for human well-being. Thus their ecosystems are dominated by human activities, including traditional and local practices as well as modern production methods. These activities are considered means of livelihood, as they...

Natural Capital Study group

- 企業の自然資本評価は、全社的な自然資本評価から、より意思決定に反映しやすい特定の地域をベースとしたシナリオ分析を基にした事業レベルの自然資本評価へ
- 自然資本評価を意思決定に活かしていくために、社会資本評価、統合レポート、SDGへの貢献と統合した評価の模索
- 気候や水、生物多様性への重要な影響を把握し、空間的な解析や生態的な情報予測のために、LCA分析に合わせて、 Land-change modellingやInVESTなど生物多様性と生態系サービスの空間特定モデルを活用した自然資本評価に注目
- 企業や専門家から政府による自然資本の評価手法の標準化への強い要望(オランダ政府はSEEA EEAの枠組みの企業の自然資本評価への活用を提案)

The 9th Ecosystem services Partnership, World Conference

>Towards effective interdisciplinary SPIs
- More dynamic, iterative and collaborative interactions with practitioners, knowledge holders (including ILK) and policymakers
- Consolidating interdisciplinary study that recognises the interconnectedness of social and ecological system
- Joint formation of research and policy
- Building capacity and...

Data or Tool
Nadia Bergamini
William Dunbar
Pablo Eyzaguirre
Kaoru Ichikawa
Dunja Mijatovic
Yasuyuki Morimoto
Nick Remple
Diana Salvemini
Wataru Suzuki
Ronni Vernooy

The indicators measure elements of SEPLS resilience that are, almost by definition, strongly interrelated. The practices and institutions that they describe can be grouped in five areas:

• Landscape/seascape diversity and ecosystem protection

• Biodiversity (including agricultural biodiversity)

• Knowledge and innovation

• Governance and social...