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This educational video aims to raise awareness and provide school children and local people living on and around Tonle Sap Lake with a better understanding on how to protect their health through simple actions such as proper handwashing with soap, and describes how to treat water for daily use (e.g. cooking, drinking, washing raw food, and bathing)...

Book Chapter
In Water, Climate Change, and Sustainability
Vishnu Prasad

Various drivers such as population growth, land use/cover change, unsustainable consumption pattern, and climate change are putting pressure on limited resources available within our planetary boundaries, thus, raising concerns on their sustainability. Coordinated actions at levels ranging from global to local are required to ensure sustainability...

Discussion Paper

Learning from cultural traditions and philosophies could help place countries in Asia on more sustainable development paths. This paper argues why and outlines how countries in Asia should collaborate in pooling and promoting good practices grounded in indigenous knowledge and philosophies to mainstream sustainability at the local, national...

Submission to Policy Process

This submission, which includes a paper maintaining that indigenous knowledge and philosophical richness can help Asia transition to a more sustainable development paths, argues for a greater focus on looking back as countries move toward a post-pandemic future. More concretely, the paper outlines why and how countries in Asia should collaborate in...


These slides were used for a video commentary on the main takeaways of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA75), which was held virtually for the first time in the history of the UN in 2020. There are two versions of the video commentary available (short and extended) and they provide insight into the five crises of focus...

Translation of non-IGES Material
United Nations Environment Programme

[DAISY] (テキストのみDAISY3形式、zipファイル)

この度、NPO法人支援技術開発機構(ATDO)様のサポートによりGEOユースアジア太平洋のDAISY版の作成を行うことができました。DAISYとは誰もが読めるアクセシブルな電子書籍の国際標準規格です。 DAISYについて、また再生ツールの詳細に関してはこちらをご覧ください。 

Policy Report
United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]

[DAISY] GEO for Youth Asia and the Pacific (text only DAISY3, zip file)
IGES is proud to provide GEO for Youth Asia and the Pacific in DAISY format.
DAISY enables accessibility of information to all, including people with print disabilities.
This DAISY file was created by persons with disabilities and the support of the Assistive Technology...

Translation of non-IGES Material
United Nations Environment Programme

国連環境計画(UNEP)により出版された「地球環境概況(Global Environment Outlook: GEO)-6ユース:アジア太平洋」は、ユースのためにユースにより書かれた報告書です。IGESではこの報告書の執筆、和訳および誰にでも読めるDAISY版への翻訳のサポートを行いました。

Book Chapter
In Asia-Pacific Landscape Transformations: Solutions for Sustainability

Key messages
-If current processes impacting land continue, the region risks transgressing the boundaries of a “safe operating space”.
-A vision of sustainable landscapes can guide policymaking and administration from regional to local levels towards more effective cross-boundary management of interdependent ecosystems.
-Priorities for...