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環境研究総合推進費【S-16】 一般公開シンポジウム アフターコロナの持続可能な消費と生産形態の確保に向けて


East Asian Sociological Association Congress

New social movements are constantly emerging that aim to implement sustainable solutions: the Return to Rural movement is a typical case that operates on the underlying premise that the current development centred consumer society should recognize the urgent need for radical shift due to the scale of catastrophic environmental degradation and socio...

First Sub-Regional workshop on Preparation of status Report and Sub-regional Roadmap for Implementing the Global Waste Management Goals toward Addressing SDGs in South Asia

Home to roughly 1.8 billion people, South Asia generates approximately 334 million tonnes of waste per year of which 174 million tonnes (57%) is organic in content. In addition to the increase in municipal solid waste, managing complex and emerging waste streams, including e-waste, food waste, construction and demolition waste, disaster waste...