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Policy Report
Anna , R.
Harvey , S.

While raising awareness is critical in providing information on the growing plastic crisis and explaining why current behavior needs to change, higher awareness does not always lead to behavior change. This paper aims to explore these barriers and motivations, and offer recommendations to promote behavior change at the community level. This paper...

Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture

Purpose Takakura Composting Method (TCM) is a simple and cost-effective aerobic composting method using locally available materials and has been widely introduced in Indonesia and other countries. This study tracked the progress of scaling the TCM up to 1 tonne/day of organic waste input at the decentralised composting centre in Bandung City...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Asian Research Policy

The Paris Agreement sets the goal to limit the global warming to well below 2 °C and preferably 1.5 °C. The recent IPCC report warned that 1.5 °C-warming may occur much earlier than expected. To meet the 1.5 °C target, global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) should be net zero by 2050 or earlier. Increasing number of countries, local...

Book Chapter
In Circular Economy: Recent Trends in Global Perspective
Godina Kosir
Bavcon Kralj

Our longing for incessant and rapid economic growth came at a cost of inefficient and wasteful use of resources and environmental pollution. The consequences are immense and far exceeding the planetary capacities to regenerate itself at such a fast pace. It became clear that a transition to sustainable societies cannot occur with our current linear...

Report Chapter
In 北九州市海外水ビジネス推進協議会設立10周年記念誌


Issue Brief

This publication aims to promote local climate actions by disseminating information on the announcement by 31 local governments in the Kyushu region of Japan on their commitment to be “Zero Carbon Cities” by 2050. It compiles the background, current situation and challenges, along with domestic and international trends on a net zero carbon society...

Issue Brief

本書は、九州の31の県・市町村(自治体)がゼロカーボンシティ表明に至った 背景、現状、課題などを整理し、国内外の動向を踏まえつつ概観することで、今後の展開の一助となることを目的に作成したものである。九州でゼロカーボン表明を行った自治体は、環境省のイニシティブをきっかけ にしながらも、庁内の内発的な動きから表明に至ったところが多かった。表明後の展開として、ほとんどの自治体が計画策定・改定を通じて施策の 具体化を進めるのと同時に、域内のステークホルダーに向けた意識啓発の 活動を始めていた。 不確実性を包含する2050年を見据えた取り組みを表明自治体が着実に進める上で、実施体制、定量化、ロードマップの作成に課題を抱えていることが明らかとなった。

Working Paper

With only ten years left to achieve the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by all UN member States in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, action is more urgent than ever. Cities, which are responsible for delivering many of the targets highlighted by the SDGs are accelerating their efforts. This is recognised by the...

Policy Report

A diverse mix of environmental problems, such as traffic congestion, increasing amounts of waste, and air and water pollution, have surfaced around the world in line with rapidly growing populations and urban development. Climate change has also resulted in more frequent incidences of localised torrential rains, floods, droughts and landslides in...

Policy Report