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Policy Report
The objective of this paper is to provide a survey of factors influencing ASEAN’s decision making process for environmental cooperation by looking at issues relating to the organizational and governance structure of ASEAN. Specifically, this survey a) outlines the current status of ASEAN’s environmental activities according to specific areas and...
Policy Report
The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has carried out policy research on strengthening capacities for effective implementation of Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) and identifying pathways to facilitate mainstreaming of ESC with a specific focus on the roles governments can play in promoting sustainable consumption. An...
Policy Report
This research report assesses water scarcity and its impacts on smallholder subsistence livelihoods in the context of climate change in Nepal, a mountainous country located entirely within the Ganges River Basin. It identifies and analyses existing coping responses and assesses options for introducing an adaptive response strategy to improve...