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Commentary (Op. Ed)
Story Highlights; The HLPF has struggled to encourage countries to “integrate the three dimensions” of sustainable development, even though interlinkages among the 17 SDGs and their targets have been identified. A clear illustration of different tools, approaches, and conceptual frameworks for better understanding interlinkages between the SDGs...
Peer-reviewed Article
In サステイナビリティ研究
持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)は、着実に社会に浸透しているが、本当に世界で目指すべき目標なのだろうか。また、多様な主体が関与する SDGs に対し、いかにして実施を効果的に進めていけばよいのだろうか。これらの疑問に答えるため、本稿では、第一に、SDGs の意義を検討し、第二に、主に日本を対象に、SDGs を実施していくにあたってのマルチレベル・ガバナンスのあり方を考察した。SDGs の意義としては、①持続可能な開発を阻む様々な問題について、達成期限のある具体的な目標を包括的に定めたこと、②統合的な解決が求められるようになったこと、③変革を促しやすくなったこと、④持続可能な開発を世界の主要議題に押し上げたこと、の 4 点を導き出した。マルチレベル・ガバナンスは、垂直的調整、水平的調整...
Policy Report
ASEAN is committed to the implementation of two parallel, but inter related processes: the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 (ASEAN Vision 2025) and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda). From the outset ASEAN Member States underlined the complementarity of these two agendas in their efforts to uplift the standards of...
Working Paper
This report presents the existing EIA systems and implementation practices in Thailand as of December 2014 and their challenges and recommendations. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the systems of assessment (EIA and environmental and health impact assessment or EHIA) and their procedures; Chapter 2 identifies major challenges and opportunities...
Commissioned Report
The subproject has two main components: (i) an EIA clearinghouse that aims to facilitate knowledge capture and dissemination of information on international best practices in EIA implementation, and (ii) south-south twinning between Lao PDR and Japan, and Sri Lanka and Japan. Through these components, the subproject aims to improve information...