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Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Environmental Management
Zbigniew Klimont
The government of Indonesia has pledged to meet ambitious greenhouse gas mitigation goals in its Nationally Determined Contribution as well as reduce water pollution through its water management policies. A set of technologies could conceivably help achieving these goals simultaneously. However, the installation and widespread application of these...
Policy Report
Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ) and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) launched of a report “SDGs and Business in the ESG era: Actions by Companies and Organisations in Japan”.* This latest report includes the results of the questionnaire survey as well as how both financial institutions and companies address ESG finance...
PR, Newsletter or Other
Tonle Sap Lake is the largest flood-pulsed freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, supporting the livelihoods of millions of people living on and around the lake. However, recent changes in the lake water environment due to deterioration of water quality and decline in biological resources have caused various problems to local people living in floating...
Book Chapter
In Climate Change Governance in Asia
Asia is an extremely diverse region, in terms of the political regimes of its constituent countries, and of their level of development and the nature of their civil societies. As such, its countries are producing a wide range of governance approaches to climate change. Covering the diversity of climate change governance in Asia, this book presents...
Working Paper
Enhanced collaboration with countries with advanced technologies is essential to closing greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation gaps in developing countries’ energy consuming and producing sectors. However, traditional models of technology transfer tend to focus on the sale of expensive technologies to developing countries, often subsidised through aid or...
Peer-reviewed Article
In 繊維製品消費科学
本稿は第 36 回消費科学講座での講演の解説原稿である。IGESが実施した調査結果等に基づき、SDGs の意義と世界の現状、日本企業による SDGs の取組状況、企業が SDGs の取組を強化するための視点を提供している。
Peer-reviewed Article
In Travel Behavior and Society
The spread of online taxi services is transforming mobility patterns in many of the world’s rapidly motorizing cities. Yet few studies have systematically assessed which factors are behind this transformation. This article fill this critical knowledge gap for the three fast-growing cities of Indonesia, namely, Semarang, Bogor and Bandung. The...
Commissioned Report
2015年9月に持続可能な開発目標(Sustainable Development Goals; SDGs)を含む2030アジェンダが採択され、実際に始動してから5年目に入り、各国政府、国内外の企業や地方自治体、市民社会などの間でも認知度が高まり、SDGsへの取組が本格化している。しかし現時点で、まだまだステークホルダーによる実施の進捗の速度は十分ではなく、現在のペースで実施を継続しても、世界全体でどのSDGsも達成することが出来ないと各種レポート(2018年度版SDGsインデックス&ダッシュボードやESCAPの2019年度SDGs進捗報告書等)で指摘されている。 本業務では引き続き、国内外でのSDGsの実施とそれに深く関連する施策推進するため、過去の業務で得られた知見とネットワークを活用し...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In かんきょう横浜