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Conference Proceeding

The IGES Forest Conservation (FC) Project was established in 1998 for the purpose ofdeveloping forest conservation strategies based on experiences in the Asia-Pacific region. To achieve this purpose, the FC Project has been conducting research activities in target countries in the Asia-Pacific
region under a research plan scheduled to last three...

Conference Proceeding

セミナーでは、地球の友ジャパンの招きで来日した極東ロシアからのゲスト2 名と国内専門家5 名により、極東ロシアの森林保全の現状と課題について、現地および地域の二つのレベルから報告が行われた。

Research Report

The world’s forest cover continues to decrease. In recent years, the world’s forests have been affected by over-harvesting, overgrazing, pests and diseases, high global temperatures, floods, droughts, storms, air pollution and forest fires, as well as the economic crises in Asia and other regions. In particular, the forests in Asia have been...