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Peer-reviewed Article
In Waste Management and Research
Waste reduction and recycling at the city level will acquire greater significance in the near future due to rising global volumes of waste. This paper seeks to identify policy-relevant drivers for successful promotion of waste reduction and recycling. Factors influencing the success of waste reduction and recycling campaigns are identified. Two...
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City assessment on waste management in Phitsanulok Municipality, Thailand

The reports describes current situation of solid waste management in Phitsanulok Municipality and its policy to reduce short-lived climate pollutants. A set of data on waste management in the municipality was included.
Commissioned Report

City assessment on waste management in Battambnag Municipality, Cambodia

This report describes the current situation of waste management in Battambang Municipality and its policy on reducing short-lived climate pollutants. A data set of waste management in the municipality included.
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汚染地域の実状を反映した効果的な除染に関するアクション・リサーチ (1ZE-1203)平成24年度~平成25年度

Suzuki Hiroshi
Isono Yayoi
Masaaki Hosomi
Murayama Takehiko
Harashina Sachihiko
Takamura Yukari
Nanba Kenji
Shioya Hiroyasu
Sakuma Kazuyuki
Ono Satoshi
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Cleaner Production
The electronics industry leads the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing sector. Consequently the management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) or end-of-life Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) has become a prominent problem in the modern world. WEEE contains many toxic and potentially hazardous substances which...
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