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廃棄物管理と資源効率向上/資源消費削減の政策統合に向けた一考察 欧州の資源効率政策開発状況を参考に-アジアへのインプリケーション



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Conference Proceeding
ISIE 2015, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK; July 7th to 10th

Considering continuous economic growth in the region, developing Asian countries will face difficulty to maintain the existing recycling system, which relies on market-based transactions and a largely informal recycling market. Asian countries have started working on 3R related policy development and establishing a related institutional framework...

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International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Recycling

Waste management is a critical issue in urban areas due to increases in its daily generation and the shortage of natural resources. The conventional approach of ‘collection and disposal’ is no longer acceptable in terms of sustainable socio-economic development and environmental conservation. Under these high pressures, an integrated approach that...

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This simulation provides a simple spreadsheet model for calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from all the existing waste management practices (transportation, mix waste landfilling,composting, anaerobic digestion, mechanical biological treatment, recycling, incineration and open burning) in developing Asia. In addition, this simulation is...