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Submission to Policy Process
Rosa Vivien Ratnawati
Novrizal Tahar
Ujang Solihin Sidik
Tsukiji Makoto
With a population of 250 million, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country and second-largest plastic polluter in the world after China. The country produces 3.2 million tonnes of un-managed plastic waste a year, of which about 1.29 million tonnes ends up in the marine environment. In addition, approximately 10 billion plastic carry bags...
Submission to Policy Process
According to the World Bank (2018), global annual waste generation is expected to jump from 2.01billion tonnes in 2016 to 3.40 billion tonnes over the next 30 years, and this trend is especially true in developing countries in Asia and Africa. This suggests that there has been very little success in reversing the trend of the increased generation...
Working Paper
Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Freiburg (Germany), Occasional Paper Series
Lukas Maximilian
In the race for infrastructure connectivity across Asia, several states have established initiatives to provide funding for developing countries. Chief among these are the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Japanese Partnership for Quality Infrastructure (PQI). The most recent addition to these competing multilateral initiatives in...
Translation of non-IGES Material
International Resource Panel
国際資源パネル(IRP)作成による報告書「資源効率性と気候変動:低炭素未来に向けた物質効率性戦略("Resource Efficiency and Climate Change: Material Efficiency Strategies for a Low-carbon Future")」の要点をまとめたファクトシート。報告書は、資源効率性を持続可能な開発の達成に向けた重要要素のひとつに位置付けるG7の要請により作成され、住宅建物および軽量車両の生産・使用における物質効率性の向上によりもたらされる気候変動緩和の可能性を分析し、具体的な政策アプローチを検討しています。
Translation of non-IGES Material
International Resource Panel
国際資源パネル(IRP)作成の本ファクトシートは、日本で開催された2019年G20資源効率性対話(G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue 2019)への貢献として、日本国環境省およびIGESとの協力の下、「世界資源アウトルック2019:我々が求める未来のための天然資源("Global Resources Outlook 2019: Natural Resources for the Future We Want")」報告書のために実施した研究に基づき作成されました。本翻訳は、G20各国(EUを含む)分あるファクトシートのうち日本を対象とした分析を翻訳したものです。 (2020年7月8日修正版差し替え:p.3の一部訳を修正。『...
Fact Sheet
2020年3月11日に発表されたEU新循環経済行動計画(A new Circular Economy Action Plan For a cleaner and more competitive Europe – The European Green Deal )の概要を整理し、主なポイントをとりまとめました。 本行動計画の主なポイントとしては、より製品政策への対応を強化したこと、さらなる廃棄物削減目標の設定を行う方針を立てたこと、消費段階の対策を強化したこと、また、優先分野として、プラスチックの他に、エレクトロニクス・ICT、テキスタイルなどがあげられたということがあげられます。
Commissioned Report
This is a final report on the project for promoting Asian regional collaboration on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), under a lump-sum contract with Ministry of the Environment, Japan in FY 2018. The project consists of three components: i) Study on policy and implementation of country EIA system in two Asian countries, namely India and...
Book Chapter
In Plastic Waste and Recycling Environmental Impact, Societal Issues, Prevention, and Solutions
Eight of the world's top 20 countries as sources of marine debris are from Asia—China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and India (Jambeck et al., 2015). In other words, the Asia-Pacific region is now recognized as a hotspot of plastic pollution of the oceans. These countries are facing typical challenges...