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Discussion Paper
As the largest developing country with about one sixth of global population and as a leading economy in South Asia, India has a key role in addressing the climate change issues. The country’s growing fossil fuel consumption and increasing carbon emission are key factors that necessitate considerable efforts towards climate change mitigation. The...
Discussion Paper
This paper analyzes the content and incentives for low carbon reforms in China’s 11th and 12th Five Year Plans. The analysis finds that China adopted a progressive slate of command-control reforms in the 11th Five Year Plan and strengthened their implementation with performance-based compliance incentives. In the 12th Five Year Plan China appears...
Policy Report
The establishment of MRV systems for mitigation actions by developing countries and international support is a subject of debate at the highest level, both domestically and internationally. This report provides a synopsis and analysis of many key issues surrounding the current state of MRV, while providing examples of how the effective use of MRV...


2010年度第2回IGES地球環境セミナー、「COP16結果速報と今後の展望」 、横浜
Discussion Paper
Kei-Ichiro Kanamoto
Lu Xiang Chun
Environmental regulatory measures, such as emissions trading system, are popular options adopted by many nations and regions, and how they affect corporate activities and behavior as well as the international competitiveness of industries is of a vital interest to stakeholders. The paper analyzes a number of previous studies on this subject and...
Discussion Paper
This paper analyses the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) that non-Annex I Parties pledged to the UNFCCC in compliance with Appendix II provisions of the Copenhagen Accord. The purpose of the analysis is to suggest an effective framework for delivering international financial, technology, and capacity building support as well as a...