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International Symposium on Eco City Bogor on March 17th 2016
Many countries have become locked into fossil-fuel dependent energy systems. A rapidly developing Indonesia could follow a similar path. A cost-effective option for diverging from this path is energy conservation. Significant savings can be achieved in the residential sector by changing energy user behaviors; or increasing energy efficiencies in...
Commissioned Report

Study on strenghtening the CTCN in Asia: Country Report-Indonesia


Multilevel Governance-Indonesia's Policy on Climate Change Action Plan and Energy Policy in Bogor City

Forum on Eco City Bogor through Green Innovation, IPB International Convention Center, March 9 2015

Lesson from Japanese TOD system

The Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Tokyo, 2-7 March 2015
Commissioned Report
Ministry of Environment of Japan - Commissioned Report
This draft report documents progress made on the “Low Carbon Technology Transfer Preparedness Database Project”, supported by the Ministry of Environment Japan in FY 2014. The report’s key focus lies on documenting subnational data gaps, sources and access issues whilst also describing contributions made to international processes on data and...
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The Sustainable Cities Database is a new information resource to help sustainable development actors identify potential partner cities for low-carbon technology transfer projects. Spatial and Demographic Indicators: Spatial and demographic characteristics are described using a range of indicators, including population size and density, natural...
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UNEP TNA Analysis study: Country Report-Indonesia

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