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Research Report
IRES Vol.7 No.1

This edition featuring on best practices on environmental policy is based on the outcomes of the Research on Innovative and Strategic Policy Options I (RISPO I) conducted by IGES during FY2001-2004 under the framework of the Asia-Pacific Environmental Innovation Strategy Project (APEIS) which involves various research institutes related to...

Research Report
IRES Vol.6 No.2

Groundwater, often described as “out of sight, out of mind”, is a crucial resource for mankind, yet not many people realise its crucial situation. This edition of IRES aims to highlight the importance of groundwater resource, particularly in Asia, and present new technologies and innovative solutions for groundwater management and policy.


Research Report
IRES Vol.6 No.1

Asia is becoming the focus of global environmental concern. This edition of IRES presents expert reviews on a broad range of environmental issues of direct relevance to Asia including climate change, forest management and the Kyoto Protocol, and delivers practical options to tackle these challenges.


Research Report
IRES Vol.5 No.2

Urban environmental management is now one of the most crucial issues in Asia. This special edition of IRES on “Environmentally Sustainable City” gives broad perspectives of the urban issues including air, solid waste, water and ways to manage and foster cooperation among different stakeholders to suggest solutions to tackle these problems.


Research Report
IRES Vol.5 No.1

After seven years since the Kyoto meeting, this special issue of IRES surveys the various effects of the Kyoto Protocol at the national, regional and global levels to ascertain the effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol as well as its major issues and barriers and to offer alternative options for future frameworks.


Research Report

Vol. 3: People and Forest-Policy and Local Reality in Southeast Asia, the Russian Far East, and Japan
Inoue, M., Isozaki, H. (Eds.), 2004. 114,95 €

Vol. 2: Environment in the 21st Century and New Development Patterns
Matsushita, K. (Ed.), 2001. 82,95 €

Research Report
IRES Vol.4 No.1

Environmental education is one of the most effective strategies for increasing general levels of public environmental awareness, developing skills for solving environmental problems, and maintaining and improving quality of life and the environment. In recognition of the world’s growing interest in environmental education, this issue of IRES...

Research Report

この書籍は絶版になりました。This book is out of print.

足尾、水俣から地球環境問題時代までの環境報道を検証。各メディアの現状と課題を探り、メディアが環境問題・環境教育に果 たす役割 を考える。情報学・環境教育学者とジャーナリストが結集。初の環境ジャーナリズム論集。

はしがき 森島昭夫(IGES理事長)
第I部 環境メディア論の構図
第1章 環境メディア論の現状と課題 三上俊治三上俊治(東洋大学教授)
第2章 マスコミュニケーション効果研究からのアプローチ 川端美樹(目白大学助教授)(目白大学助教授)
第3章 環境教育とメディア 阿部治(埼玉大学助教授)
第4章 メディア・公衆・環境問題 A・ハンセン(英レスター大)
第II部 環境報道の歴史

Research Report

この書籍は絶版になりました。This book is out of print.

産業界はどのように環境問題に取り組んできたのか。「環境ガバナンス」の概念を踏まえて。戦後の産業公害時代から今日までを企業人自らが振り返り考察。 そして、地球環境時代に求められる企業の役割とは。

はしがき 森島昭夫(IGES理事長)
第1章 戦後50年の環境問題と民間企業の対応 岩渕勲(スカイアルミニウム)
第2章 大気・水質環境問題と鉄鋼業 高崎誠(新日本製鐵)
第3章 排ガス・燃費規制と自動車産業 笹之内雅幸(トヨタ自動車)
第4章 化学物質と化学産業 石崎直温(三菱化学)
第5章 地球環境問題と電力事業 乙竹文二(東京電力)
第6章 残された公害・環境問題~廃棄物と土壌汚染~...

Research Report

この書籍は絶版になりました。This book is out of print.