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WMO/IPCC Workshop on climate change in Asia for weather presenters: communicating the science
Made presentation to the weather casters from around the world, especially to the Asia-Pacific region on the international negotiations on climate change. Following the presentation, panel discussion took place taking questions from the participants.Remarks:This event, which took place in Tokyo from 10 to 12 November, was made into news in many...
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The Board of Directors’ meeting held in June 2013, which discussed the Implementation of the Integrative Strategic Research Programme for the Sixth Phase (ISRP6), requested a mid-term review in the second year of the phase, due partly to the fact that the duration of one phase was to be extended to 4 years. This document is intended to address this...
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In this paper we pointed out a hidden inequality in accounting for trade-related emissions in the presence of border carbon adjustment. Under a domestic carbon pricing policy, producers pay for the carbon costs in exchange for the right to emit. Under border carbon adjustment, however, the exporting country pays for the carbon costs of their...
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Lecture to Junior High School Students of Hayama
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―「持続可能なアジア太平洋に関する国際フォーラム(ISAP)」を開催   ~グリーン経済―アジア太平洋地域の視点~ ―電気ヒートポンプをインドの工場に初めて設置   ~日本の省エネ・低炭素技術を適用~ ―IGESが進める”持続可能な開発のための教育”の指標構築 ―復興・生活再建の視点から”除染”の在り方を議論 ―廃棄物の温室効果ガス排出量計算ツールを開発   ~途上国での活用を目指して~ ―研究者の視点「着実に進むインドネシアの気候変動政策」 ―川崎市と連携・協力に関する協定を締結 ―”五感で感じるごみ循環” ジュニア・サイエンス・スクールを開催 ―神奈川県の地元イベントに出展~IGESの活動を紹介~Remarks:English version:
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-International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific: Regional Perspectives on Green Economy -The First Electric Heat Pump at Milk Plant in India -Development of Indicators of "Education for Sustainable Development" -Decontamination towards Reconstruction and Rebuilding Lives -User-friendly Calculation Tool for Waste Sector: Offered for Use in...
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