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To promote measures against global warming based on the Paris Agreement, and to ensure transition to decarbonised societies, it is important to link long-term targets/strategies with short- or mid-term concrete policy targets. As of August 2017, 155 “Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)” were submitted to UNFCCC (from 182 countries). In 2015...

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Annual Report


Annual Report

This Annual Report covers the highlights of IGES research activities in FY2016 from April 2016 to June 2017. Featuring cross-cutting and practical research activities to promote the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it reports on the major activities in each research area (climate and energy...

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Briefing Note

On 5-8 September 2017, the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment (the Summit) was convened in Bangkok, Thailand. This briefing note draws upon the observations of researchers from the Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) to underline key points involving the SDGs, air pollution, and resource efficiency that stood out...

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In order to ensure accountability of each research project and provide feedback to improve overall effectiveness, IGES has traditionally conducted a review at the end of each Phase by external experts.
The IGES external reviews examine to what extent studies and activities conducted in the Integrative Strategic Research Programme for the Sixth...

APEC Capacity Building Workshop on Environmental Provisions in FTAs/RTAs

This presentation emphasizes the importance of assessing not only the environmental impacts, but also the broader sustainability impacts and linkages to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of recent efforts to negotiate trade agreements in the Asia Pacific region. Other questions to be addressed include who should conduct those assessments, when...

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Considering the growing importance of scientific support to climate policy processes after the Paris Agreement, the current LCS-RNet steering group and government Focal Point members have leveraged various opportunities with concerned stakeholders to discuss the future of LCS-RNet, and having reviewed our past efforts and activities, we decided to...

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環境経済・政策学会2017 年大会