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The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Semarang City Government concluded an agreement to collaborate and support the implementation of City Resilience Strategy (CRS) on 24 May, 2016. IGES provides a total solution on actionable plans by conducting the following activities (Figure 1): 1) Developing low-carbon society scenarios...
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In Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Russ Bona
Due to its significance for bringing the considerably benefit to the transportation network performance, the several initiatives has been proposed for evaluating and improving the pedestrian facilities. However, such efforts are generally conducted within the framework of walkability, which typically put the attention to the walker perspectives...
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Bandung is implementing a pedestrianisation programme called “Panca Trotoar” to provide citizens with safer, cleaner, and more visually appealing walking environments. The “Panca Trotoar” aims to achieve these objectives by ensuring all sidewalks have a bench for resting, a stone ball to prevent traffic on sidewalk, a flower pot for decoration, a...
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Public Participation in Urban Planning is broadly acknowledged and there has been a shift in planning and decision-making by involving stakeholders, aimed at children and youth participation at the local level. UNICEF defines a Child Friendly City as a “local system of good governance committed to fulfilling children’s rights. It is a city where...
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Co-benefits are the multiple benefits of actions that mitigate cli-mate change while addressing other development priorities. Many cities in Asia have potential to achieve co-benefits. Howev-er, urban policymakers often lack concrete demonstrations over which actions can maximize co-benefits. Since 2015, the Institute for Global Environmental...