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Policy Report
This publication is the first ever annual GHG emission inventory report of Phitsanulok Municipality, Thailand. It presents the GHG-related data for two types of inventories: (i) Municipal GHG inventory; referring to guidelines by ‘ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) Local Government Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)...
Discussion Paper
This GHG calculation tool is translated from the English version II to ease of use by local government in Thailand. The products include the GHG calculation tool based on Excel and a user manual that explains fundamental information of and how to use the IGES GHG calculation tool. Remarks: English and Khmer version are available.
Policy Report
The objective of this report is to facilitate local governments in decision making and implementation of urban organic waste utilization projects that can contribute to sustainable solid waste management and national agendas on food, energy, and climate change. This report provides an overview of national policy, regulations, and institutions...
Policy Report
In this policy report the authors have compiled and analysed the most recent data on waste generation and the national policies related with waste management and climate change in ten countries in Asia. The study found that many countries in the region are now paying more attention to solid waste management from the perspective of climate change...
Fact Sheet
This catalogue has been produced for the workshops and home experiments organised by the 1.5ºC Lifestyle Project. A decarbonised lifestyle to limit the carbon footprint (CFP), including CO₂ emissions plus CO₂ equivalent of the other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 2,500 kg per year in 2030 and 700 kg per year in 2050. The options are divided into...