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Discussion Paper
Our lifestyles, through the impacts of our day-to-day activities such as eating, moving and commuting, heating and cooling our homes, taking work and care responsibilities, and so on, have become major threats to the sustainability of the environment. We are living beyond our ecological means and experiencing both very serious impacts on...
Data or Tool
Nadia Bergamini
William Dunbar
Pablo Eyzaguirre
Kaoru Ichikawa
Dunja Mijatovic
Yasuyuki Morimoto
Nick Remple
Diana Salvemini
Wataru Suzuki
Ronni Vernooy
The indicators measure elements of SEPLS resilience that are, almost by definition, strongly interrelated. The practices and institutions that they describe can be grouped in five areas: • Landscape/seascape diversity and ecosystem protection • Biodiversity (including agricultural biodiversity) • Knowledge and innovation • Governance and social...
Policy Report
Este documento busca proporcionar una descripción fácil y comprensiva del Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio (MDL). Debe anotarse que este documento no replica de manera exacta todos los textos acordados bajo las negociaciones intewrnacionales. También, hay aspectos que aún están siendo resueltos en dichas negociaciones en relación con el detalle de...