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「生態移民」に頼らない森の再生 (中国の環境政策・生態移民. 第4章)

In chugoku no kankyo seisaku seitai imin: midori no daichi, uchi mongoru no sabakuka o fusegeru ka? (Chapter 4)


中国の環境政策 生態移民: 緑の大地、内モンゴルの砂漠化を防げるか?(地球研叢書、昭和堂)

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The purpose of this paper is to understand the current situation of local dwellers in protected areas, by revealing the reality of biodiversity conservation management in those areas, and to examine the tangled relationships between nature and human-kind. In order to protect precious biodiversity on earth, discussions on this topic are carried out...

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In Ringyo keizai kenkyu (林業経済研究)

An important and progressive part of the forest policy regime in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) is its land and forest allocation program started in 1996, which contains critical elements that delegate the rights of land and forest use to local people. This study aims to analyse the gap between the initial concept of the program and its...

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