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Peer-reviewed Article
In MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology
Due to ever increasing demand, the electronics industry has been growing at a rapid pace, and therefore handling and management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has become one of the key problems in the modern world. Improper handling and management of WEEE in developing countries can cause a huge environmental damage and threats...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Environmental Protection
Thomas W.
This paper modifies and uses an advanced computable general equilibrium model coupled with biophysical data on land and water resources by agro-ecological zone at the river basin level to examine the economy-wide consequences of improvements in water use efficiency (WUE) in irrigation in South Asia. This is the first time the benefits of such...
Peer-reviewed Article
Yuichi Kano
David Dudgeon
So Nam
Katsutoshi Watanabe
Chaiwut Grudpan
Jarungjit Grudpan
Wichan Magtoon
Prachya Musikasinthorn
Phuong Thanh Nguyen
Bounthob Praxaysonbath
Tomoyuki Sato
Koichi Shibukawa
Yukihiro Shimatani
Apinun Suvarnaraksha
Wataru Tanaka
Phanara Thach
Dac Dinh Tran
Tomomi Yamashita
Kenzo Utsugi
Both hydropower dams and global warming pose threats to freshwater fish diversity. While the extent of global warming may be reduced by a shift towards energy generation by large dams in order to reduce fossil-fuel use, such dams profoundly modify riverine habitats. Furthermore, the threats posed by dams and global warming will interact: for...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Parasite & Vectors
Moyes CL
Shearer FM
Huang Z
Wiebe A
Gibson HS
Nijman V
Mohd-Azlan J
Brodie JF
Malaivijitnond S
Linkie M
O’Brien TG
Trainor CR
Hamada Y
Giordano AJ
Kinnaird MF
Elyazar IRF
Sinka ME
Vythilingam I
Bangs MJ
Pigott DM
Weiss DJ
Golding N
Hay SI
Background: Plasmodium knowlesi is a zoonotic pathogen, transmitted among macaques and to humans by anopheline mosquitoes. Information on P. knowlesi malaria is lacking in most regions so the first step to understand the geographical distribution of disease risk is to define the distributions of the reservoir and vector species. Methods: We used...