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International Symposium on Climate Change and Food Security in South Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh

A wide range of options for adaptation to climate change is available in the agricultural sector. Prioritizing and monitoring such options for their effectiveness is vital for efficient utilization of financial, technological and human resources, and for addressing the issue of accountability in climate actions. However, the literature on measures...

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Developing countries in Asia are struggling to cope with the negative impacts of concentrated industrial activities. Inspired by the theory of industrial ecology, eco-towns or eco-industrial parks are frequently promoted in many localities as a strategy for reducing the environmental burden of industry in a way that is consistent with economic...

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Biofuels have been promoted in many Indian states as part of their rural development strategies, long before the recent finalisation of India’s national policy on biofuels, in order to generate employment and produce fuel locally using existing wastelands. To promote employment, some states have promoted biofuels using nationally sponsored...

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The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit and climate policy in Japan

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