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Standardized baseline: Technology switch in the rice mill sector of Cambodia



Approved by the 76th CDM Executive Board Meeting

Conference Paper
Proceeding of the 37th Symposium on Human-Environment System

This paper describes establishment of the methodology to develop a set of the training module in order to learn real cases about community’s efforts on the environment front. In order to develop training materials, Kitakyushu City’s existing experiences and actions in overcoming pollution, improving the environment, Low-carbon city planning and...

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The 55th Autumn Conference of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan

A new pansharpening method was developed and applied to Landsat 8’s multispectral image bands. It involves adding two new terms to the commonly-used Fast Intensity-Saturation-Hue (FIHS) algorithm: a trend-based modulation factor, and a band modulation factor. The proposed method was tested on an urban study area in Yokohama, Japan and an...

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The Pricing of An Analysis of Company’s Preferences to Carbon Tax Policy and GHG Emissions Trading Schemes in Korea

14th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation
Conference Paper

Making Paratransit Part of the Low Carbon Solution - A case study of motorcycle taxis in Bandung, Indonesia

The 18th Annual meeting of the society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Kobe University, 21-22 September 2013.