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Peer-reviewed Article


In 22nd Paper on Environmental Information Science

The Co-benefits of Jakarta's BRT

Climate Friendly Transportation in Asia, BAQ Pre-event Meeting
Discussion Paper

This paper introduces the REPA model, which stands for Regional Environmental Policy Assessment model. The REPA model is a multiregional computable general equilibrium model developed based on the GTAP-E model. The main objective of the REPA model is to assess potential impacts of implementing a set of environmental policy instruments (policy...

Working Paper

This paper analyses the impact of the future regional economic integration and development on internationalisation of waste and recycling-related issues in East Asia.
The analysis focuses upon production and consumption of electronics and electric products and automobiles which are strategically important products in developing Asia in the future...

the 3rd International Conference on Waste Management and Technology in Beijing

There is a risk that economic integration in East Asia and increasing trade of secondary materials driven by demands of materials in industrializing countries can undermine nation-based recycling systems (e.g. Hotta and Elder 2008). A trade model is used to analyse the impact of further economic integration on trade in secondary materials...

Discussion Paper

National project proposal to upgrade Surabaya's successful solid waste management practice

Submitted to BAPPENAS (National Development Planning Agency), KLH (Ministry of Environment) and PU (Ministry of Public Works) in Indonesia

Economic analysis of composting, through Surabaya's case: Application in Bangkok

Workshop on utilization of organic waste, 6 November 2008