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Commissioned Report


Business report of the commissioned project in fiscal year 2007 titled "Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture International Cooperation Project " submitted to Ministry of the Environment of Japa

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The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)...

Policy Report

In 2005, IGES launched the consultation "The Asia-Pacific Consultations on Climate Regime Beyond 2012" to promote new and constructive thinking in the Asia-Pacific region on future actions against climate change beyond 2012, and to contribute to the shaping of a future climate regime that adequately reflects the concerns and developmental...

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IGES has been announcing the top news on the environment in the Asia-Pacific region every year since 1998 in order to collect and organise information about environmental issues and policy trends in this region, and to report on how this region addresses environmental problems and how it works to create a sustainable society.

For this year' s top...

Discussion Paper
Lee, Dong Kun
Kim, Eun Young

Since the population, vehicles, energy consumptions, economic activities are rising in the metropolitan area of Seoul, it is difficult for existing environmental policies and measures to mitigate air pollutions. To respond such challenges, the Ministry of Environment (MoE) of Republic of Korea (ROK) enacted the Special Act on Metropolitan Air...

Discussion Paper
Oh, Seung-Hwan

Although the Kyoto Protocol enters into force, the Republic of Korea (ROK) doesn't have any quantitative green house gas (GHG) reduction target as its commitment because of its status as a Non-Annex I party. However, the negotiation to formulate the new commitment for next round will start in COP-11 at the end of 2005. Apparently, the main agenda...

Book Chapter

Local perspectives in protected area management

In The State of Environment in Asia

3R Initiative: Reduce, reuse and recycle policy for eco-efficiency in Japan

UNESCAP 1st Green Growth Policy Consultation Expert Forum


Presentation given at UNESCAP 1st Green Growth Policy Consultation Expert Forum, November 8-9, 2005, Seoul, Republic of Korea