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8th International Conference of NAPSIPAG 2011

It has been widely regarded that policies and institutions that are adaptive in nature are better able to deal with the dynamic issues such as environmental degradation and climate change adaptation. However, verifying the veracity of this hypothesis is difficult often due to absence of long experience in climate change adaptation in most countries...

Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering (IJEME)
Leina Wang, Yanli Dong, Jie Yang, Cunkuan Bao

This paper describes case studies on green supply chain management (GSCM) of three companies based in the Yangtze River delta of China. After clarifying major supply chain relationships of each company, we identified their internal and external GSCM practices. The corresponding changes of environmental and economic performances are summarized...

2011 Asian Conference of Management Science & Applications
Yanli Dong

Using the data collected from 165 companies based in the Yangtze River delta of China, this paper analyzes the driving mechanisms of green supply chain management (GSCM). The valid respondents are classified as laggard practitioners and advanced practitioners by a cluster analysis of the scores presented to the pre-defined twelve GSCM activities...

the course "Environmental Technology System 2011" of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, Japan.


Special lecture for the course "Environmental Technology System 2011" of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, Japan. (5 Dec. 2011 Fujisawa, Japan)
慶応義塾大学環境情報学部「環境技術システム論」特別講義(2011年12月5日 慶應大学藤沢キャンパス)

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Climate Edge

- 2013年以降の気候変動対策: 国際枠組み:葉山プロポーザル
- 岐路に立つ国際枠組み:2℃目標に向けた削減目標・行動のあり方
- 寄稿:原子力損害賠償支援機構と原子力安全庁~エネルギー政策の選択肢を縛る懸念はないか(森・濱田松本法律事務所 弁護士 武川 丈士)
- カンクン合意を読み解く(4)資金
- 東日本大震災および福島第一原発事故後のエネルギー及び気候変動政策に関するアンケート調査
- 主要国の最新動向(6)-中国、インド、インドネシア、米国
- コラム:An Atmosphere of Concern -My Summer as an Intern in the Climate Change Group-
- ACP Newsletter vol.1

Discussion Paper

IGES maintains that sustainable development can only be achieved by addressing the three interdependent dimensions of economy, society and environment in an integrated manner. A Green Economy, supported by a strengthened Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development is based on safe, secure and low-carbon energy, with integrated climate...

Policy Report
Lee, So-Young
Kang, Jung Hwa

National and sub-national policy for Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) is one of the powerful instruments to influence sustainable consumption (SC) behaviour at both individual and organisational levels. This report addresses how to improve the capacity of policy makers and governments in formulating ESC policy. It also addresses the...