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Briefing Note

2020年11月23日から12月4日にかけて国連気候変動条約(UNFCCC)主催のClimate Dialogue2020が開催された。通常であれば、毎年この時期にはUNFCCC締約国会議(COP)が開催されるが、新型コロナウイルスの影響で翌年に延期とになったため、交渉を含まない形で、モメンタムの維持のため、本会議が開催された。IGES適応チームでは、本会合に参加し、IISDのデイリーレポート 等を参考に、適応に関する議論について取りまとめた。

HKH to Glasgow: Climate action in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

This presentation is about concrete actions and mechanisms for regional collaboration to address regional systemic issues in the HKH region. The presentation identifies the barriers to the recognition of important regional adaptation issues, discusses some recent case studies of transboundary catastrophic events that highlighted the need for...

Briefing Note

2020年11月23日から12月4日にかけて国連気候変動条約(UNFCCC)主催のClimate Dialogue2020が開催された。通常であれば、毎年この時期にはUNFCCC締約国会議(COP)が開催されるが、新型コロナウイルスの影響で翌年に延期とになったため、交渉を含まない形で、モメンタムの維持のため、本会議が開催された。IGES適応チームでは、本会合に参加し、IISDのデイリーレポート 等を参考に、適応に関する議論について取りまとめた。なお、本レポートは速報版であり、今後内容の変更・追記が予定されている点、ご了承いただきたい。

Peer-reviewed Article
In Progress in Disaster Science
Md. Nasif
Cong Hiep Nguyen
Hong Quan
Binaya Kumar

Rapid global changes (population growth, urbanization and frequent extreme weather conditions) have cumulatively affected local water bodies and resulted in unfavorable hydrological, ecological, and environmental changes in the major river systems. Particularly, communities in isolated riverine islands are heavily affected due to their poor...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Progress in Disaster Science

The phenomenon of regional and global integration has resulted in natural hazards and climate change impacts in one country affecting people and countries far away. This phenomenon of globalization of local risks has long been known but has not received much attention. With greater regional integration and greater impacts of climate change, these...

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Peer-reviewed Article
In Development Cooperation Review

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has emerged as one of the severe and important health disasters during recent times. The impacts of the COVID-19 have spanned across the globe and rightly qualify to be a transboundary disaster. When looked through the lens of transboundary risks, COVID-19 is not the first of its kind. Health and non-health...

Earth League Annual Workshop

This presentation, delivered by Eric Zusman on behalf of IGES President Kazuhiko Takeuchi at the Earth League Annual Workshop on 20 October 2020, is entitled "Greening the COVID-19 Response, Recovery, and Redesign" and outlines the IGES Triple R Framework, the case for integrated approaches to respond to COVID-19, and potential applications of the...

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Commissioned Report

The increasing frequency of heavy rainfalls and severe typhoons is said to be caused by the adverse effects of climate change. Among various climate change risks, physical damages by natural disasters in Japan are increasingly being acknowledged by the public and have been investigated in many studies. However, studies from overseas have pointed...