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Environmental Information Disclosure: Can it be Effective Policy Tool Improving Corporate Environmental Performance in Asia

8th Roundtable on for sustainable Consumption and Production (Cebu, Phillippines)
Policy Brief


Policy Brief

Developing countries in Asia are struggling to cope with the negative impacts of concentrated industrial activities. Inspired by the theory of industrial ecology, eco-towns or eco-industrial parks are frequently promoted in many localities as a strategy for reducing the environmental burden of industry in a way that is consistent with economic...

Conference Proceeding

IGES Kansai Research Centre held international symposium, "Prospects and Challenges of Combating Global Warming by Asian Countries" at Kobe on 14 February, 2008 prior to 10th Anniversary of IGES and G8 Environment Ministers Meeting.

Amongst the global environmental issues, tackling global warming is an urgent task which requires international...

Discussion Paper

In Asia, private sector has been the engine of much of recent economic growth, while its regional growth has kept the entire world growing. However, this expansion also came with a cost of environmental sustainability that starts shaking the development process itself. Increasing awareness and growing public concerns about the negative...

Conference Proceeding


国際シンポジウム(11/17)では、「環境調和型の地域システム・技術システム」について内藤正明プロジェクトリーダーから問題提起された。「社会的経済 (Social Economy) とコミュニティの発展:代替技術研究所(CAT)の事例研究」についてピーター・ハーパー氏(英国CAT: Center for Alternative Technology)、「持続可能社会の企業とエコ・サービス -欧米、日本の状況と今後-」に関しては山本良一東京大学教授から...